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gSyncit Beta Release


CURRENT RELEASE : v5.2.17 (July 2018)


This is a beta release of an upcoming release of gSyncit. The release contains new features/fixes available to customers for preview and feedback. Every effort is made to ensure the stability of each build. However, since these are pre-release builds, there is always the potential issues. You should maintain backup copies of your data before installing each beta.

IMPORTANT: Please only install this beta you want to help test the next release of gSyncit or have an issue addressed in the change notes. Otherwise, please install the non-beta release of gSyncit. 

NOTE: 64-bit version requires Outlook 2010/2013/2016 64-bit. Otherwise, install the 32-bit version.

v5.2.17 - June 2018 [July 5th, 2018]
  • Bug fixes: Corrects Google Keep sortOrder error.

  • UPDATE: Update for issue that triggers "Failure while searching for matching Outlook task" caused by attempting to sync a task with a subtitle/title that exceeds what outlook permits and exceeds a normal task description use cases.

  • UPDATE: Update to handling case that causes "Card parsed successfully, but was invalid:Cards are not valid without N, FN and VERSION Properties." This issue is caused when attempting to sync a contact from Outlook to the CardDav server where the contact is missing a name or fullname property.

  • FIX: Corrects "invalid start date" error when updating Google event attachments.

  • NEW: Experimental Google Keep notes sync support. Sync Outlook notes with Google Keep notes. The implementation supports sync of non-list Google Keep note entries with Outlook notes and allows for syncing categories with Google Keep labels. This implementation uses a "unofficial" Google Keep end point. Please use at your own discretion.

  • REVISION: Updated interface to support Windows high contrast mode for visually impared.

  • REVISION: Update to time zone handling logic for detecting event organized time zones.

  • UPDATE: Updated Google Drive client libraries to latest release.

  • UPDATE: Revision to displaying Evernote sync "system" error messages.

  • UPDATE: Updated Google Calendar and Tasks libraries to the latest v1.34 release. Google is requiring developers to migrate to the latest library client releases by March 2019. Google will discontinue support for the older json-rpc API calls used in the older libraries sometime in March 2019.