Problems Resolving Email Addresses


If while syncing calendar events you experience the error "End date occurs before the start date" you will find that the Outlook events reporting this error have an end date that does occur before the start date. Likely the event will show a date of 1/1/1601.

We don't know how this case is created and it seems like a defect with Outlook. We do know that this issue prevents gSyncit from reading any date related properties associated with the event causing the sync to fail. We also know that gSyncit cannot create these events since Outlook prevents gSyncit from ever saving events where the end date occurs before the start date. Further pointing to a defect somewhere in Outlook. 

To fix these events open your calendar, select View and change the main view to the "List" view. Then sort the list by end date until you see events with a end date of 1/1/1601 or see the events that are encountering this error. Then edit each of the events and update the end date of the events to the correct value. In most cases these events will be yearly all-day events so the end date just needs to be set to the start date.

Some users have reported this issue surfacing after upgrading to gSyncit v4 but we suspect this issue never surfaced in v3 because the sync was skipping over these events.

Below are screen shots from Outlook 2013 on setting up the appointment list view and sorting the events by end date.