"The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."


This error occurs when gSyncit was able to open a Internet based connection but failed to send a request over that connection using the Microsoft .Net Framework and your active Internet connection settings.

The most likely culprit of this issue is your Windows Internet connection settings. Specifically our system proxy settings or local firewall settings are blocking gSyncit + the Microsoft .Net Framework from sending a request over a standard HTTP/HTTPS connection.


  1. Open the gSyncit settings, click Connection and try using the option to not use any default system proxy settings.

  2. If the above option does not help then select Internet Options on the Connection panel, select the Connections tab, select LAN settings, and then confirm that the option to automatically detect proxy settings is enabled. If your local network does require using a proxy server then please verify the proxy settings are configured to allow gSyncit to send HTTP/HTTPS requests through your network gateway/router.