Syncing Multiple Google Calendars To Same Outlook Calendar

gSyncit supports the ability to sync multiple Google calendars with the same Outlook calendar. This is done using Outlook categories on the Outlook events which tells the sync process which Google calendar the Outlook event should sync with. Without this category assignment the event would otherwise sync to all the Google calendars pointing to the same Outlook calendar and essentially duplicating the event in the Google calendars.

NOTE: When syncing multiple Google calendars with Outlook we generally recommend syncing each Google calendar with a separate Outlook calendar and using the Outlook calendars view to show each calendar within a single calendar view. This is a much easier and less error prone configuration.
If you prefer to sync each Google calendar with the same Outlook calendar then create sync mappings for each Google calendar and assign a unique category to each mapping (as shown below). This configuration links a specific Outlook category with the selected Google account. This tells the sync process to only sync items assigned to the selected category with the selected Google calendar. It also tells the sync to assign that category to items imported from the Google calendar.

If you are using a version of gSyncit prior to v4 you need to use the "Categories" tab as shown below to add the category you want to sync with the selected Google calendar. Please make sure that the category options are configured as shown and that you assign a single and unique category to each sync mapping created.