Deleted Items Not Syncing


When syncing changes deleted items are not synced and are reverted/added back to the original location where they were removed. The most commonly reported scenario of this occur is when syncing Outlook calendar with Google calendar and deleting items in either the Google or Outlook calendar.

  1. Verify sure you have gSyncit v5.4 or newer installed.
  2. The ability to sync deleted items is only available when using a licensed/registered version of gSyncit. Verify the software is licensed/registered by opening the gSyncit settings, click register and confirm the software is showing as registered. 
  3. Open the sync mapping related to where this issue is occuring. If this issue is occuring when syncing with Google calendars then edit your gSyncit Google calendar sync mapping.
  4. Select the "Sync Options" tab on the sync mapping and confirm the option to allow syncing deleted items is enabled as shown below.