"one or more items in the filter you synchronized do not match"


This error "one or more items in the filter you synchronized do not match" occurs when the local Outlook .ost off-line cache file is out of sync with the externally manage Exchange Server content.


The easiest resolution is to locate your Outlook .ost file for the Outlook mail profile that is experiencing this issue and rename or delete this file. You must close Outlook before doing this to avoid the file being locked by Outlook. When you restart Outlook perform a send/receive and Outlook will start to reconstruct the Outlook off-line .ost file.

An alternate solution is to use Outlook conflict resolution approach. This requires that you locate the Outlook folder that is experiencing this issue, enable the list view display for that folder, review by the icon column (usually the left most column) and click a special "crossed swords" to resolve the conflict.

  1. Open the folder list view in Outlook by clicking on Folders on the navigation section located in the lower left portion of the Outlook main window.

  2. Select the specific mailbox that is having this issue, highlight one of the folders (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, or Notes) where you suspect the problem exists, and change its view to list. To do this click on View  and elect List.

  3. Sort the records by icon. To do this, click the folded page icon in the title bar above the category heading.

  4. Scroll down until you find one or more items with a crossed swords icon.

  5. Double-click on the item with crossed-swords icon and from the "Conflict Resolution" window select to keep the item with the most recent date.

  6. Once all conflicts are "resolved" the issue should be resolved.