Syncing Phone Numbers Between Outlook and Google Contacts

When syncing phone numbers between Outlook and Google phone numbers users often ask how phone number fields in Gmail map to phone number fields in Outlook.

The table below describes how these fields are mapped between Outlook and Gmail contacts. Please take into consideration that Gmail supports more phone number fields than Outlook allows. Since Gmail supports more and custom phone number fields this limits the ability to sync all possible phone numbers from Gmail to Outlook.

Additionally, if third party software populates the Gmail contact phone number fields using non-standard phone number "types" or "labels" then these fields may not sync to Outlook since they may not be assigned to one of the standard Gmail phone number types.

The phone numbers must be assigned to a standard Gmail phone number type. This is important as the types are independent of phone number names and languages that are unique per country/language.

Outlook Phone Field "Class" Gmail Phone Field "Relation"
HomeTelephoneNumber IsHome
Home2TelephoneNumber IsHome or "Home2"
BusinessTelephoneNumber IsWork
Business2TelephoneNumber IsWork or "Work2"
MobileTelephoneNumber IsMobile
AssistantTelephoneNumber IsAssistant
CallbackTelephoneNumber IsCallback
PrimaryTelephoneNumber IsMain
PagerNumber IsPager
CompanyMainTelephoneNumber IsCompanyMain or "Company"
RadioTelephoneNumber IsRadio or "PTT1_Primary"
OtherTelephoneNumber IsOther or "grandcentral"
HomeFaxNumber IsHomeFax
BusinessFaxNumber IsWorkFax
CarTelephoneNumber IsCar
OtherFaxNumber IsOtherFax
TTYTDDTelephoneNumber IsTTY
TelexNumber IsTelex