Sync asks to delete events unexpectedly ...

If you encounter the case where the sync wants to delete events that you did not delete this could be due to a number factors. Please see the following options to correct this issue.


If you notice that gSyncit wants to delete items from the Google calendar and the dates of the events are in the past then check the Outlook calendar folder archiving settings. Many users that use the auto-archiving feature in Outlook also include the calendar folder. Events that fall within the auto archiving parameters will be moved to the archiving .pst file and will trigger the event to be deleted from the Google calendar. If you want the Outlook calendar to always retain past events then turn off the option to use archiving as shown below. 


If the Windows Region settings are not set correctly this can affect the ability to search Outlook events within a specific date/day range. gSyncit uses the Outlook calendar "restrict" logic to request events within a specific date range and if the system region settings are not set correctly this can cause the Outlook search to return a different result set and trigger gSyncit to think the items have been deleted.

On the Windows regional settings the two most critical settings to check are the AM/PM symbols and the "Digit grouping symbols" (images shown below). Regardless if using a 24-hour time format the AM/PM symbols must always be defined as gSyncit internally uses AM/PM indicators to search the Outlook calendar. Additionally, if using a 12-hour time format the "tt" format must be included in the time format as shown below. The Digit group symbol must be also be defined as a shown below as this is used internally by Outlook when searching events.


When syncing by day range it is best to sync to shorted number of days in the past. We do recommend syncing 30 days back and 365 days forward. However, some users experiencing issues should try syncing 365 days back and 365 days forward if they notice problems syncing yearly recurring events from Outlook. 

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