How to sync multiple computers running Outlook with the same service synced using gSyncit.


On the gSyncit sync mappings / sync options tab you will find a option called "Primary Source". This is used to indicate to gSyncit which "source" contains the most current information at the time of the initial sync (or if the sync mapping is reset). Entries in the primary source are to be pushed to the remote service (e.g. Google) overwriting the existing changes that match the specific item. After the initial sync the last modified date/time on the item is used to determine if and in what direction the change needs to sync.

By default gSyncit sets Outlook as the primary source on the sync mapping. This default is used since in most cases your Outlook content will have the most up-to-date version of the events at the time of the initial sync.

When using gSyncit to sync multiple computers with the same cloud service (e.g. Google, CardDav, CalDav, Toodledo, etc..) it is recommend that the primary source for each computer be updated to use the remote service as the primary source. This configuration takes the opinion that at the time of the initial sync the Google account will most often have the most currently information at any point in time.

For example, if you plan to sync 2 or more computers with the single Google account calendar then we recommend that on each computer you update the primary source setting on the sync options panel to "Google" (the remote service).

In some cases users will have one primary Outlook installation and second, third, and/or forth computer they want to sync with the primary Outlook installation calendar. When doing this we strongly recommend you set the primary Outlook installation (the one used the most) to have the primary source set to Outlook (local) and all other connected gSyncit installations use the Google (remote) account as the primary source.

The general rule when selecting the primary source is .. at the time of the initial sync, which source (Outlook or the remote service) has the most current information? Then set the primary source to the selection that is most current. In a multiple computer sync configuration most often one computer using Outlook is the most up to date and the others are mainly subscribers to that information through a Google calendar, for example and/or only make minor or minimal changes.