Syncing User-Defined Fields

NOTE:  The following steps apply to Pocket Informant and Toodledo sync mappings. The available fields for mapping with user-defined fields will vary.

On the gSyncit Toodledo sync mapping select the Other tab as shown above and enable the option to sync Outlook user-defined fields with Toodledo task fields. You can use the default mapping or control which Outlook user-defined fields are synced with specific Toodledo task fields. 

To use/display the user-defined fields from within the Outlook task list select the Outlook task list you are syncing with. Then right-click the task list columns, open the field chooser (shown below) and then select "User-Defined fields in folder" ...

... on the field chooser click "New..." and add the following custom fields to this list: @Context, @Location, @Star, @Meta, @Folder, @Goal, @Priority, @Status, @Length, @Tag, @GroupID and @TaskID. All fields are of type "Text" except the "@Length" field which is a "Number" type and @Star with is YesNo/Boolean. @GroupID allows sorting tasks and related subtasks together.

... Once that is completed _drag_ each of these newly created fields into the Outlook task list view COLUMN area to place each field into the task list view.

NOTE: To make sure these values are populated from Toodledo on the initial sync change the primary source on the gSyncit Toodledo mapping use Toodledo so that the Toodledo values will be imported into Outlook first. Otherwise, after the initial sync these user-defined fields may not be populated.