Could not open key ... How to remove component registry entry


If you encounter an error when installing gSyncit similar to the message shown above the issue is caused by a permissions issue accessing the specified registry entry related to the gSyncit installation. The gSyncit installer is unable to change the system registry entries related to the existing gSyncit installation because the permissions on the specified registry key has been altered in such a way that the Windows Installer Service is no longer able to modify the entry. 


To correct this issue run "regedit.exe" with administrative rights and navigate to the following registry key...


Using the error message displayed on your computer, locate the "id" portion of the component after "UNKNOWN\Components\" and locate this value within the ..\'Components\' location pointed to by regedit.

In the example above the value after Components is 620139E0B929C2837B208B4B303999FE. In this case regedit would be used to locate the following "key" ....


Select this key (e.g. 620139E0B929C2837B208B4B303999FE) and delete it. Once completed try reinstalling gSyncit.