Problem Updating/Upgrading Software

When installing gSyncit over an existing version you may encounter a situation where the installer prompts you for a prior version or you encounter other issues upgrading your existing installation. The simple fix is to follow the steps below to manually remove gSyncit from your system and then reinstall the software.

It is not fully understood what causes the Microsoft Installer prompts the user for the prior installer or why this only affects some users. This could be a side effect of a bug in the Windows Installer Service.

Windows maintains a cached copy of installers in the "C:\Windows\Installer" folder used for uninstalling and upgrading software. If the installer file is missing (normally it should not be) then you will be prompted for the source .msi which if not available will cause the request for the prior installation to appear. 


NEW: Please try the new Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter to repair or uninstall your existing installation of gSyncit. Once the installation has been repaired or removed you can then proceed to reinstall gSyncit. If this does not help then please try the steps indicated below using the older Microsoft Installation Uninstall Utility.

1) Download and unzip the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility to a temporary folder

2) Run Microsoft Installation Cleanup "msicuu.exe"

3) Select and remove gSyncit (make sure Outlook and gSyncit are not running)

4) Delete the C:\Program Files\Fieldston Software\gSyncit or C:\Program Files(x86)\Fieldston Software\gSyncit directories using the Windows File Explorer.
5) Reinstall gSyncit.