gSyncit v5 Beta

CURRENT RELEASE: v5.5.166 (October 2021)

This is a beta release of an upcoming release of gSyncit. The release contains new features/fixes available to customers for preview and feedback. Every effort is made to ensure the stability of each build. However, since these are pre-release builds, there is always the potential for issues. You should maintain backup copies of your data before installing each beta.

The 64-bit version of gSyncit requires that you have a 64-bit version of Outlook installed. Install the 32-bit version of gSyncit if using the 32-bit version of Outlook. You can confirm the "bit" version of Outlook used on Outlook File / Help or File / Accounts panel.

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To ensure you are always using the latest beta updates please consider enabling the option to check for beta updates. You will be notified when beta updates are posted to ensure you can stay up-to-date. From the gSyncit settings / Application Settings menu select General and enable the check box "Check for beta software updates" as shown below.


v5.5.166 - November 2021
  • UPDATE: (Potential breaking change) Removed the ability to configure gSyncit to sync Outlook contacts with deprecated Google Contacts / People internal system labels including Blocked, Chat Contacts, Coworkers, Family, Friends, and Shared

    The Google People Membership API introduced in gSyncit v5.5 deprecated support for many internal system contacts labels / groups (e.g. family, coworker, friends). These deprecated groups were not accounted for when gSyncit v5.5 was released. Customers syncing with these deprecated groups will notice they can sync from Google to Outlook but syncing changes from Outlook to Google will fail as a result of the Google contact label assignment being read-only due to the label being deprecated by Google.

    Due to this change gSyncit will no longer allow selecting these deprecated labels on the sync mappings. Existing unedited sync mappings will continue to reference to deprecated groups but you may encounter issues syncing changes from Outlook to Google until the sync mapping is updated to point to non-system groups. 

    If you are syncing with specific Google contacts system groups (e.g. Friends, Coworkers, Family, Chat Contacts, ...) then you need to update your Google Contacts to move your contacts to equivalent labels that you create. Then update the gSyncit Contact sync mapping to point to the new group. This ensure contacts synced from Outlook to Google Contacts can be assigned to the expected groups. For example, if you are currently syncing your Outlook contacts with a label/group called "Friends" you will need to explicitly create a groups/label in Google contacts called "Friends" and update the gSyncit Contacts Mappings to sync with this new "Friends" group.

    If you are currently using the option to auto sync Outlook categories with Google groups then no changes are required. The new groups will be created automatically during the sync process.

  • UPDATE: Upgraded gSyncit to use the VC++ 2019 Runtime.