Known & Reported Issues

Known Issues As Of: 07/27/2014

Below is a list of known issues that may be addressed in a future release. 

  • Known Issue: Background auto updates do not work with UAC is enabled in Windows. 

  • Known Issue: Hyperlinks are lost when syncing from Google to Outlook. The link appears in the Outlook event but is not clickable.

  • Known Issue: If Outlook is closed while the sync process is waiting for a response then this can cause Outlook to take longer than usual to exit. Outlook will not close until the sync process unblocks from the request.

  • Known Issue: When upgrading the "auto start" option for the gSyncit tray app is reset to the selected state.

  • Known Issue: Changing the password on a mapping causes all data associated with the mapping to re-sync.

  • Known Issue: User has identified issue where when an Outlook international phone number with a leading 0 like "+1 (070) 1234567" causes the phone number to not work on a mobile device. The solution would be for gSyncit to omit the "0" from "070" when updating the number to the Gmail contact list.

  • Known Issue: When switching an Outlook recurring event to a non-recurring event the Google event does not reflect this change. This is a Google calendar defect. 

  • Known Issue: gSyncit does not sync Outlook event attendees contained within a distribution list. Outlook distribution lists should automatically be synced with a matching Gmail group. Gmail groups should also be allowed to sync as a distribution list in Outlook.

  • Known Issue: gSyncit tray app keeps the Outlook process running when Outlook is closed. The gSyncit tray app should only open Outlook when performing an automatic or manual sync then close Outlook.

  • Known Issue: Event collision detection does not work on recurring event exceptions.

  • Known Issue: Users has reported that closing Outlook in the middle of a sync will causing Outlook to crash. (unconfirmed issue).

  • Known Issue: User has reported that snoozing a reminder in Google and Outlook calendar around the same time produces an event conflict during the sync process.

  • Known Issue: gSyncit does not properly sync the correct organizer of the event when creating a new Google recurring event with participants. This is because Google calendar does not allow for the creating of recurring events where the "owner" or "organizer" is someone besides the creator of the actual event.