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NOTE: 64-bit version requires Outlook 2010/2013 64-bit. Otherwise, install the 32-bit version.

v3.8.144 - August 2014
  • Updates contact pairing logic when syncing from Google to Outlook to also compare the contact first name. The current logic pairs contacts based on the fullname or last name + email address +  company name. If two contacts exist without a differentiating  email address or company name then then contacts could be incorrectly paired.

  • Corrects issue where user reported notifications send from Google account when deleting a recurring event exception. Issue appears to be be caused by missing "syncEvent" on the delete request.

  • Corrects issue syncing cancellation status for recurring event meeting invites which caused Google to incorrectly send invite requests. When a user received a cancellation to a meeting in Outlook this will trigger the Google event to be deleted instead of marked as cancelled.
v3.8.141 - August 2014
  • Corrects issue where birthday value synced to Gmail does not match the expected Windows regional formatting rules. 
v3.8.138 - June 2014
  • Corrects reported issue where during on Outlook recurring task is incorrect causing weekly events to end on wrong day.
  • Corrects lost parent task details when syncing with Pocket Informant tasks. 
  • Corrects issue syncing using the time zone Europe/Vienna where Outlook events assigned to wrong time zone.
v3.8.135 - July 2014
  • Corrects issue sycning empty Yomi names from Google contacts to Outlook
  • Shows descriptive error related to Google not allowing attendees to be synced with secondary Google calendars.
v3.8.134 - June 2014
  • FIX: Corrects reported error "You changed one of the recurrences of this item, and this instance no longer exists. Close any open items and try again" when syncing a recurring event exception.
v3.8.133 - July 2014
  • FIX: Corrects issue using auto sync with sync interval set to 1 day or sync interval larger than the speciifed sync window.
v3.8.131 - June 2014
  • UPDATE/FIX: Corrects issue syncing with Toodledo & Pocket Informant where Outlook items marked with "deadRecurrence" incorrectly synced recurring information. The Outlook task incorrectly reports an item as recurring for one-off events associated with a recurring task which causes problems both syncing and pairing the tasks with existing entries. Duplicate entires could result from this issue as well a task incorrectly appearing as recurring. At the root of this issue is the "IsRecurring" flag on the Outlook task itself which is incorrectly set as "True" for specific Outlook tasks that do not appear/function as recurring within Outlook.
v3.8.129 - June 2014
  • UPDATE: Updated Toodledo to use SSL for all account types. Using SSL no longer requires paid subscription.
v3.8.128 - June 2014
  • UPDATE: Removes internal "Travel" calendar from Pocket Informant calendar dropdown to avoid sync issues.
  • UPDATE: Revised Evernote sync to pair Outlook task start date with Evernote note creation date.
v3.8.124 - May 2014
  • FIX: Corrects issue syncing Gmail groups with Outlook distribution lists and corrects matching issue that could cause duplicate contacts to appear in Outlook contacts.
  • FIX: Corrects issue where Pocket Informant task start time could incorrectly change when task synced from Outlook to Pocket Informant Online.
v3.8.122 - May 2014
  • FIX: Minor revisions to Nozbe task/notes sync workflow that caused delays during the sync process.
v3.8.119 - May 2014
  • FIX: Corrects issue syncing with Pocket Informant tasks where the due time was not correctly preserved when syncing from Outlook to Pocket Informant.
  • FIX: Corrects "Bad Data" error caused when the local sync cache gets corrupted while syncing with Toodledo or Pocket Informant
v3.8.117 - May 2014
  • FIX: Corrects time zone mapping for Madrid and minor revision to error reporting dialog.
  • FIX: Corrects reported issue syncing Primary Google contact phone number using non-US version of Outlook/Gmail
v3.8.115 - May 2014
  • FIX: Disabled the calendar feedpath field when using a private Google calendar. Private Google calendars should be selected using the  "Select Calendar" button only.
v3.8.114 - April 2014
  • FIX: Corrects 'Participant is neither attendee or organizer' when syncing a meeting type appointment in Outlook that does not contain any attendees or has no inidcated organizer; basiclaly a standard "MeetingItem" entry.
v3.8.113 - April 2014
  • FIX: Corrects 'object reference not found' error when syncing distribution lists.
  • FIX: Corrects reported issue where syncig a contact with photo can cause a sync conflict.
  • FIX: Corrects 'Error retrieving listing. InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'. Parameter name: SelectedIndex'  error when selecting a calendar on the Pocket Informant calendar sync mapping when no calendars are available in the Pocket Informant Online acccount.
  • FIX: Corrects issue where the CompleteDate not correctly synced from Toodledo tasks.
v3.8.108 - April 2014
  • FIX: Corrects 409 Conflict bug in the v3.8.107 release.
v3.8.107 - April 2014
  • FIX: Corrects reported "Email address is invalid " error while resolveing organizers of events from Exchange contact list.
  • FIX: Corrects issue where internal logic to maintain backups of settings file can fail.
  • FIX: Updates logic to work around the recent Google calendar bug that causes the error "syncEvent requires the X-Redirect-Calendar-Shard header" by increasing the retry attempts.
v3.8.105 - April 2014
v3.8.102 - April 2014
v3.8.101 - April 2014
v3.8.100 - March 2014
v3.8.97 - March 2014
v3.8.95 - March 2014
v3.8.91 - March 2014
v3.8.90 - Februrary 2014
v3.8.86 - Februrary 2014
v3.8.84 - Februrary 2014
v3.8.83 - Februrary 2014
v3.8.79 - January 2014
v3.8.74 - January 2014
v3.8.68 - January 2014
v3.8.67 - December 2013
v3.8.66 - December 2013
v3.8.64 - December 2013
v3.8.62 -December 2013
v3.8.61 - December 2013
v3.8.57 - December 2013
v3.8.55 - December 2013
v3.8.54 - December 2013
v3.8.53 - November 2013
v3.8.52 - November 2013
v3.8.51 - November 2013
v3.8.49 - November 2013
v3.8.47 - November 2013
v3.8.46 - November 2013
v3.8.45 - November 2013
v3.8.44 - November 2013
v3.8.40 - November 2013
v3.8.38 - November 2013
v3.8.37 - November 2013
v3.8.35 - November 2013
v3.8.33 - November 2013
v3.8.32 - November 2013
v3.8.31 - October 2013
v3.8.30 - October 2013
v3.8.29 - October 2013
v3.8.24 - October 2013
v3.8.23 - October 2013
v3.8.22 - September 2013
v3.8.17 - September 2013
v3.8.14 - September 2013
v3.8.13 - September 2013
v3.8.12 - September 2013
v3.8.7 - September 2013
v3.8.5 - September 2013
v3.8.4 - August 2013